Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Washable Wipes

OK, why am I a fan of washable wipes?

I never thought I would be, I was of the opinion it would be fiddly, messy and time-consuming but honestly? One of the best things we've done.

Apart from the obvious cost save I love the fact that all that comes into contact with my babies bottoms is plain water and no chemical ridden wipes. We've had noticeably less incidents of sore bottoms since we switched when babe No.4 was born too.

So whats involved. Well this is what we do...

I've some fantastic bamboo wipes http://www.burtonrealnappies.co.uk/washablewipes.htm which are big enough for a wipe in one go even on the smelliest of bottoms, and some cheaper terry wipes which are great for the less messy events. I have a top n tail bowl which I mix a solution of Tea Tree Oil and Lavender in with some nice warm water. This sits on the nursery windowsill and makes the room smell delish! I have a small flask which I fill with hot water first thing in the morning so every time I change a bottom a splash of hot water in the bowl means a lovely warm wipe... must be so much nicer than being attacked with a freezing cold wet wipe!

Am I selling the idea?? Well what if you knew that the amount of money you saved from using washable wipes for birth to potty would be enough to buy ALL the nappies you'd need when using cloth! I do love saving a penny or two but thats a huge amount saved AND no impact at all on the environment.

Washable wipes. We love them!

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