Friday, 19 March 2010

Tiger face shoes!

My fave's so far!

More at Burton Real Nappies

Custom made handmade felt shoes, so delish!

I've taken the plunge and invested some time and effort in researching new and bespoke products that a) I'd like for my kids b) I haven't seen to buy locally or on the web and c) that move me to buy!  I think I've struck gold with these beautiful little shoes.

I bought the tiger face pair for me (well little oz) but the girly one's were just a splurge to gently hold before I sell them. My girls all too big now!

Ideal for a special occasion; Christening, Naming Ceremony, party, christmas, family photo... or just to treat your little person choose from the styles/sizes we will have in stock or email me for a custom order.

Each pair is unique, a one-off. Show off your little one's feet in style!

See more here: Burton Real Nappies

Monday, 1 March 2010

Dry Bib - Product review

I'm looking at my drewling 9 month old now and thinking what on earth would I do without my Dry Bibs??  He's like a leaky tap at the moment bless and these bibs have been a godsend.

One will last all day, his clothes stay dry and his neck and chin stays dry too meaning less soreness and general slobberiness (if there is such a word!)

Available in a huge range of THIRTY colours and patterns, for girls and boys and only £4.99 in my opinion they're an essential part of any super dribblers wardrobe!

Buy some today at: Dry Bibs buy here £4.99 each

Nappy Review - Blueberry Minki One-Size

I always joke that every cloth loving home should have one just so you can take it out of the drawer and stroke it occassionally. Mmmmm so soft!!!!

But, seriously these are a fantastic All in One Nappy from the wonderful Minki range.
A stay-dry, birth to potty pocket nappy with minky fabric outer and poppers or hook and loop fastening, including microterry/hemp combo insert.

A fabulous one-size pocket nappy guaranteed to create a stir wherever you are! These nappies are made from a layer of the plushest minky fabric which is soft and silky to the touch. The minky fabric has been laminated on the inside to make it waterproof, and remains supersoft with washing and drying. The inner layer is made with top grade fleece. These layers form a pocket into which an absorbent insert is placed to soak up the wetness and the fleece dries quickly and acts as a stay-dry layer babies next to the skin.

These nappies have a neat cut to give a trim fit. They fasten at the front with either a hook and loop closure (like Velcro) or poppers. The hook and loop is great for quick and easy fastening and there are strong laundry tabs to prevent the fastening sticking to other laundry in the wash. The hook and loop fastening will not stick to the minky fabric or the fleece inner to help keep this nappy looking good. The poppers fastening nappies have colour-coordinated poppers and are difficult for toddlers to pull off.

Blueberry nappies adjust with simple, colour co-ordinated poppers to fit most babies from birth to potty training (approx 8 - 35lb+). Available in a range of plush patterns, solid colours and jewel colours. The size adjustment poppers, fastening aplix and inner fleece are beautifully colour-coordinated with the outer Minky fabric to complete this plush nappy.

No liners or waterproof wraps are needed with these nappies, though you can use flushable liners if you wish. These nappies are supplied with their own premium microterry/hemp insert for quick but slim absorption capacity. Matching minky fabric nappy tote bags are also available.

Available in 23 mouth watering colours and patterns there's a Bluberry Minki for everyone and at £22.50 they're affordable luxury too!

See : for buying options