Monday, 22 February 2010

HELP! Advice for Nappy Rash

This is a document of information I have collated from my experience, about nappy rash. Some of the suggestions may not apply to you and your baby but it may be helpful to keep for reference as your baby gets bigger.

ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR OR HEALTH ADVISOR if you are unsure on any nappy rash on your child before attempting to treat yourself.

ALWAYS use a paper or fleece liner when using any method of cream treatment so as not to clog the fabric of your nappies and affect absorbancy.

The nappies
• Frequency of changing - always change directly after a poo and otherwise regularly. Aim for every 3-4 hours in the day and more regularly when your baby has nappy rash.
• Half the amount of washing powder or use wash balls. Make sure nappies are well rinsed.
• Make sure the washing powder being used is good quality non bio with no conditioner.
• Some parents (myself included) prefer to use liquid rather than powder to wash nappies as they feel it leaves less residue.
• Strip wash nappies (no powder) and give extra rinse – this helps remove any powder build up and can make older nappies more absorbent as a result.
• Ensure water is running clear in the drum on the rinse cycle.
• Have you used bio detergent in the machine at other times as this can get into nappies, or have they been washed in someone else’s machine such as while you are on holiday.
• White vinegar to clean nappies – a splash of white wine vinegar in the rinse cycle will remove any fungal spores from your nappies. This does not leave a smell!
• Have you been swapping between disposables and real nappies? This can make it harder for your babies skin as it needs to frequently adjust to different ‘environments’.
• I would always suggest a fleece liner (See in a real nappy as a extra layer of protection and try using the real nappies 24 hours a day – do ask your advisor if you need extra boosters for overnight.

Nappy Liners
• Use fleece liners (some nappies have fleece liners as an integral part of the nappy). They help wick away moisture from sensitive skin.
• Silk liners. They help wick away moisture from sensitive skin.
• Silver liners can really help with healing
• Chamomile liners can aid with soothing a sore bottom
again see

What baby wipes are you using? The most natural method is either cotton wool and water or washable wipes (these are also more economical). When using washable wipes you can use either water or one of the following solutions.
• Chamomile water – can this be made with a chamomile tea bag
• Cooled Redbush tea Creams and other solutions
• Manuka honey
• If you know your baby is not allergic to egg (e.g. it is weaned and eats egg happily) raw egg white can be very effective when applied to nappy rash.
• Consider a balm (See to prevent further rash or soreness especially when teething or unwell.

• Lots and lots and lots of nappy free time
• Bath every day
• Check with the health visitor it is not thrush – this will need alternative treatment
• Has there been a change in diet or is your baby teething?

Product Review - Lollipop Softee Nappy

Lollipop Softee Nappy
The Softee nappy uses 100% wellsoft microfibre to provide excellent absorbency. The teddy bear amongst nappies - the Lollipop Softee is a favourite both for its quick dry time and it's excellent absorbency for both day and night-time. Special cross over tabs at the waist combined with snug elastic ensure a good fit and excellent containment even on newborns. An ideal option for parents wanting a super soft, absorbent nappy that will dry quickly. Additional booster included with every nappy for more absorbency as baby grows - this is separate in size 1 to avoid unnecessary bulk on a newborn, but is attached for ease in the size 2. Fastens with velcro style Aplix. Vanilla only. Requires a waterproof cover over the top.
Size 1: 7-16lbs
Size 2: 16-35lbs
Our Opinion:
We used these nappies on both our babies from newborn to approx 16lbs and love them. Soft, snuggly, quick drying and easy to use the softee is a great nappy, not one for the non lover of 'big bums' tho' they definately give a JLo affect! Personally I love having something soft and chunky to grab hold of :-)
Purchasing options:
Lollipop Softee Nappy single at £9.50
Maize Basket Set (20 nappies, 6 wraps and liners) at £200.00
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Product Review - Lollipop Micro Fleece

Lollipop Micro Fleece Nappy
This two sized polar fleece shaped nappy uses modern fabrics to combine great absorbency with a slim fit and a super quick dry time. Polar fleece fabric wicks the moisture away from baby's skin for a stay dry feel whilst the inner absorbent core of wellsoft booster material. Special cross over tabs at the waist combined with snug elastic ensure a good fit and excellent containment even on newborns. An ideal option for parents wanting a soft, dry feel against their baby's skin and in need of a quick drying nappy system. Additional booster included with every nappy for more absorbency as baby grows - this is separate in size 1 to avoid unnecessary bulk on a newborn, but is attached for ease in the size 2. Fastens with velcro style Aplix.
Size 1: 7-16lbs
Size 2: 16-35lbs
Our Opinion:
We are curently using this nappy on both our children and can't rave it enough! Light, fast drying, absorbant, lightweight, slim line and more it offer for us the perfect daytime 2 part shaped nappy. We have successfully handed down some of our elder daughters to our younger sun and they are still going strong with very minimal signs of wear. The Maize box deal offers great value for money and more than enough nappies for 1 child on a 2 day wash cycle.
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Product Review - Lollipop Pop n Gro

Lollipop Pop n Gro

Pop'n'gro is a onesize all in one nappy which is designed to be, quite simply, the best and easiest all in one on the market. With no pockets to stuff, and simple Velcro closures - the pop'n'gro is sure to be a winner. The nappy adjusts from birth to toddler and our testing panel have been rigorous in ensuring that it will comfortably fit even a larger toddler - as this is so often a problem with onesize nappies. The highly absorbent microfibre inner combined with a supersoft micro fleece lining combines ease of use with quick drying and popular stay dry fleece. With TWO boosters included in the price, the pop'n'gro offers amazing versatility: customers can use the nappy unboosted for the first 2-3 months and then mix and match the bamboo and microfibre boosters according to their preferences and their baby's needs. The bamboo booster is ideal for night-time and heavier wetters whilst the microfibre offers a quicker drying option and a stay dry lining. Use both together if needed!

Our opinion:

We used the Pop n Gro on our 8 month old and our 2 year old when testing and found it to be a great fit on both children. The nappy fit our 'chunkier' 23lb baby and 'skinny' 24lb toddler snuggly around the waist and thighs well and we didn't experience any leakage when used for up to 3 hours on each child.

The nappy comes with two boosters. A quick drying micro-fibre padded booster and a slimmer more absorbant Bamboo booster offering a great choice of booster for different occassions. Lightweight microfibre in the day - absorbant namboo at night, or for heavier wetters use both together! As the boosters are not attached or stuffed into the nappy laundering is quick and easy and this nappy dries really fast.

The Pop n Gro comes in bright zingy Yellow, Green, Pink, Blue and White and will surely turn heads this summer when worn with a little T-Shirt!

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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Washable Wipes

OK, why am I a fan of washable wipes?

I never thought I would be, I was of the opinion it would be fiddly, messy and time-consuming but honestly? One of the best things we've done.

Apart from the obvious cost save I love the fact that all that comes into contact with my babies bottoms is plain water and no chemical ridden wipes. We've had noticeably less incidents of sore bottoms since we switched when babe No.4 was born too.

So whats involved. Well this is what we do...

I've some fantastic bamboo wipes which are big enough for a wipe in one go even on the smelliest of bottoms, and some cheaper terry wipes which are great for the less messy events. I have a top n tail bowl which I mix a solution of Tea Tree Oil and Lavender in with some nice warm water. This sits on the nursery windowsill and makes the room smell delish! I have a small flask which I fill with hot water first thing in the morning so every time I change a bottom a splash of hot water in the bowl means a lovely warm wipe... must be so much nicer than being attacked with a freezing cold wet wipe!

Am I selling the idea?? Well what if you knew that the amount of money you saved from using washable wipes for birth to potty would be enough to buy ALL the nappies you'd need when using cloth! I do love saving a penny or two but thats a huge amount saved AND no impact at all on the environment.

Washable wipes. We love them!