Monday, 22 February 2010

Product Review - Lollipop Softee Nappy

Lollipop Softee Nappy
The Softee nappy uses 100% wellsoft microfibre to provide excellent absorbency. The teddy bear amongst nappies - the Lollipop Softee is a favourite both for its quick dry time and it's excellent absorbency for both day and night-time. Special cross over tabs at the waist combined with snug elastic ensure a good fit and excellent containment even on newborns. An ideal option for parents wanting a super soft, absorbent nappy that will dry quickly. Additional booster included with every nappy for more absorbency as baby grows - this is separate in size 1 to avoid unnecessary bulk on a newborn, but is attached for ease in the size 2. Fastens with velcro style Aplix. Vanilla only. Requires a waterproof cover over the top.
Size 1: 7-16lbs
Size 2: 16-35lbs
Our Opinion:
We used these nappies on both our babies from newborn to approx 16lbs and love them. Soft, snuggly, quick drying and easy to use the softee is a great nappy, not one for the non lover of 'big bums' tho' they definately give a JLo affect! Personally I love having something soft and chunky to grab hold of :-)
Purchasing options:
Lollipop Softee Nappy single at £9.50
Maize Basket Set (20 nappies, 6 wraps and liners) at £200.00
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