Monday, 22 February 2010

Product Review - Lollipop Pop n Gro

Lollipop Pop n Gro

Pop'n'gro is a onesize all in one nappy which is designed to be, quite simply, the best and easiest all in one on the market. With no pockets to stuff, and simple Velcro closures - the pop'n'gro is sure to be a winner. The nappy adjusts from birth to toddler and our testing panel have been rigorous in ensuring that it will comfortably fit even a larger toddler - as this is so often a problem with onesize nappies. The highly absorbent microfibre inner combined with a supersoft micro fleece lining combines ease of use with quick drying and popular stay dry fleece. With TWO boosters included in the price, the pop'n'gro offers amazing versatility: customers can use the nappy unboosted for the first 2-3 months and then mix and match the bamboo and microfibre boosters according to their preferences and their baby's needs. The bamboo booster is ideal for night-time and heavier wetters whilst the microfibre offers a quicker drying option and a stay dry lining. Use both together if needed!

Our opinion:

We used the Pop n Gro on our 8 month old and our 2 year old when testing and found it to be a great fit on both children. The nappy fit our 'chunkier' 23lb baby and 'skinny' 24lb toddler snuggly around the waist and thighs well and we didn't experience any leakage when used for up to 3 hours on each child.

The nappy comes with two boosters. A quick drying micro-fibre padded booster and a slimmer more absorbant Bamboo booster offering a great choice of booster for different occassions. Lightweight microfibre in the day - absorbant namboo at night, or for heavier wetters use both together! As the boosters are not attached or stuffed into the nappy laundering is quick and easy and this nappy dries really fast.

The Pop n Gro comes in bright zingy Yellow, Green, Pink, Blue and White and will surely turn heads this summer when worn with a little T-Shirt!

Buying Options:

Individual Nappies are priced at £14.95
Day Pack (4 nappies in a wet bag with changing mat) at £69.99
Get Set Pack (20 nappies & wipes in a Trug) £295.00
Night & Day Pack (10 Pop n Gro, 5 bamboo & 3 wraps) £225.00

All Pop n Gro nappies can be purchased in confidence from:
with FREE P&P to Burton on Trent area!

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