Wednesday, 14 April 2010

New Pocket Pop n Gro!

The fantastic new pocket nappy comes in two generous sizes which allow for the smallest newborn right up to the chunkiest toddler. We know that the onesize nappy has been extremely popular but there is always a compromise at one end of the sizing scale or the other, the new pocket Pop n Gro aims to overcome this with its unique adjustable 'sizing within a size'.

Although the guide for size one is from birth to 20lbs we have a customer who said it fitted her 28lb son so it is more than generous.

Caring for your Pop n Gro Nappies

Important trials have been taking place with Pop n Gro nappies and the new low temperature detergents on the market which contain a whole host of chemicals that can cause microfibre fabrics to stop working.
Initial results show that nappies which became leaky can be made to work with no problems once the detergent build up has been removed (easily done using clean and fresh).

Important advice for the future is to use only half the recommended dose of detergent and certainly don't follow the advice of some manufacturers that says double the amount!!
Lollipop have formulated their own detegent that will obviously contain no enzymes, perfumes, optical brighteners or anything other than natural ingredients. Be aware that non bio detegents have lots of these things in too.